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About Us

Global Command & Control Technologies (Pty) Ltd (GC²T ) is a South African owned company providing turn-key Enabled Awareness solutions to Defence, security and related technology customers.

As a leading solutions provider GC²T offer customers fully integrated, individualized solutions, backed up by complete lifecycle support. We also integrate and connect legacy systems if required.

GC²T ’s Command & Control Systems excellent track record has been achieved through developing a detailed understanding of our customers’ requirements and the willingness to work closely to establish and develop an environment that promotes cost-effective program execution to the customer’s overall satisfaction.

GC²T ’s solutions create an accurate and timely operational picture through the fusion and exchange of sensor data and information to support the decision-making process in an integrated and interactive manner.

GC²T offers an accessible, easy-to-use yet comprehensive toolset that can significantly increase operational flexibility and reduce time while supporting critical decision making in high tempo situations.

GC²T solutions allow for state-of-the-art technologies, products & architectures to be tailored to achieve commercial, government & military customer needs.

GC²T ensures that everyone has “the picture”, the same picture, the only picture.

Our Vision

GC²T is the leader by sales in developing world markets for enabled awareness solutions.

GC²T Core Business

Decision Augmentation

GC²T Brand Statement

GC²T provides secure enabled awareness solutions to give decisionmakers the edge by addressing their pain with agility and commitment to long term relationships.

GC²T - Core Focus

Our Passion – Your Edge

GC²T Customer Value Proposition

Imagine that you have the relevant data to make the most appropriate decision, faster, within your budget and before your opponent?  Interested?  

Why not contact the world’s leading supplier of enabled awareness solutions and let our passion provide you with the edge? Every time!